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COVID-19 Addendums

Chapter 1

For obvious reasons, making a move during this time may not be desirable or safe.  The good news is that you can still be pro-active in the LA and NY entertainment industries to prepare yourself for when you’re ready.  This book is chock full of tips which can be implemented or adjusted to be done with the help of technology.  So, don’t be discouraged if you had plans to move which had to be put on hold. There’s plenty you can still do!

Chapter 2

Early in the pandemic, photographers stopped shooting headshots.  As we learned more and more about transmission of the virus and ways to adjust by socially distancing and wearing masks, so too are photographers finding ways to shoot actors in safe conditions.  Shooting primarily outdoors, limiting or excluding hair and make-up personnel, shooting from a safe distance, and committing to mask-wearing at all times are some of these safety measures.  It is possible to shoot headshots during this time, but you will want to discuss with the photographer their particular safety measures and determine if it meets your personal criteria for feeling safe

Chapter 4

Prior to the pandemic, our industry had seen a gradual increase in self-taped auditions. Lucky for actors, the prevalence of these types of auditions has actually made the transition to an almost exclusively self-tape audition world much easier. Until the in-person audition returns, it is every actors job to learn how to be comfortable self-taping, perfect their self-taping skills, and embrace the technological aspect.  What may have once been nervous energy going into an audition room might now manifest as awkward energy on camera.  You may have a virtual callback where you’re in a Zoom room with a casting director, director, and producers.  Those same nerves may still creep up.  No matter what your mental or emotional obstacles, you can apply the same tips and tricks as outlined in the book.  You can also find audition classes and coaches who will work with you via online video platforms.

Chapter 7

Since opportunities to be seen live and in-person are pretty much out of the question right now, you’ll need to research online showcases and outlets to be seen.  Many casting directors have been engaging actors in social media monologue contests. Agents have also been paying attention to actors who are standing out and being highlighted through such contests.  Acting schools and programs have also moved their showcases online so reps still have the chance to scout and actors still get to be seen.  And you can apply all the same tips about taking meetings with agents, just expect to do it virtually. Everyone is adapting so we can continue to find new and exciting clients to work with.

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